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Rejuvenating Your Garden Soil: The Vital Role of Sand and Compost

Garden tiller

As a dedicated gardener, you're probably well aware that soil is not just dirt – it's a living ecosystem teeming with essential nutrients that plants need to thrive. However, over time, these nutrients can become depleted, leaving your garden soil lacking in the vital elements necessary for robust plant growth. This loss of essential nutrients… Read More

Unearthing the Hidden Benefits of Sand in Your Garden Soil

When it comes to nurturing a thriving garden, we often focus on the usual suspects: sunlight, water, and soil nutrients. However, there's one often-overlooked component that can make a significant difference in your garden's health: sand. Yes, plain old sand – the same stuff you find on beaches – can play a crucial role in… Read More

Lawn Over-Seeding and Renovation: Spring or Fall?

After a long dreary northern Illinois winter, I'm sure you're like most homeowners - anxious at the first sighting of a robin to get out into the yard and get to work. There are certainly a lot of spring yard projects that you can and should do. But fixing or renovating the lawn actually gives… Read More

Why We Love Raised Bed Gardens

Whether you’re wondering “How do I to start a raised garden bed?”, “What is the best soil mixes for vegetable gardens?” or “How do I improve my raised bed?” we think that the following information will be helpful to all groups of gardeners. Wooden Raised Beds One of the most popular garden beds in and… Read More

Preparing Your Lawn for an Illinois Winter

Fall is upon us – it is now “pumpkin spice” season. For those who live in northern Illinois thoughts have moved from the 4th of July and Labor Day to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Before we get to those two holidays though, it’s time to prepare the lawn for winter. To prepare your lawn for the… Read More

DYI Lawn Service – Lawn Repair

If your car is in need of repair because it won’t start or runs rough, you begin by identifying the primary cause of the problem. If your lawn is in need of repair, we take a similar approach.   Car: Is it out of fuel? Solution: Add fuel. Lawn: Not green, nutrient starved? Solution: Add… Read More

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