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Landscaping Supply Topsoil/Blackdirt

The topsoil layer is where nutrients are delivered to plants, where water is absorbed, where sunlight helps to aid the growing process, and where wildlife and microorganisms interact with the plant in various ways. Simply stated, it’s where the “business” part of plant development happens.

Topsoil can be used in a variety of ways to improve the overall health and quality of your garden and lawn. Whether you’re a beginner gardener or a landscaping expert, there’s never a bad time to learn about topsoil uses and how topsoil can play a role in your outdoor space.

As the term indicates, topsoil is the top layer of dirt found in the first 5-6 inches of the ground. It’s preferred by gardeners and landscapers because it is extremely nutrient-dense, mineral-dense and filled with organic matter. There is however, a significant difference between topsoil and fill dirt. The topsoil sourced by us mostly comes from local parcel development where the top layer of quality dirt is scraped off, pulverized, piled and sold.

Fill dirt consists of a mixture of broken down rocks, sand and clay and is not run through a pulverizer machine. It contains little to no fertility for plants to grow, nor does it contain any organic matter. There are still many reasons you would want to select fill dirt for your project. Simply stated – it takes up space. Fill dirt is used during construction to create a safe foundation for homes or any area that requires stability and will not move or shift. Roads and driveways are usually constructed using fill dirt as a foundation for durability. Topsoil contains organic matter and is will settle slightly over time. If you are looking for dirt to “take up space” and stay there, then fill dirt will provide a more stable material. Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply does not sell fill dirt.

5 main uses for screened, pulverized black-dirt or topsoil:

  • Topsoil can be used to fix uneven and patchy lawns
  • Topsoil is the primary planting media for lawns, trees, shrubs and in garden beds
  • Topsoil assist in improving drainage
  • Topsoil can help create a garden where there isn’t one
  • Topsoil can freshen up the appearance of your lawn and garden

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply uses only locally sourced topsoil. It can be purchased by the cubic yard or combined with one of our composts in our soil blends.

With topsoil from Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, you can improve your lawn, planting bed or garden with rich organic matter that does wonders to boost nutrients, encourage growth and production and obtain the best results. Contact us at (630) 759-1080 to further discuss topsoil for your planting needs! If you’re looking to blend in a soil amendment / compost with your topsoil, check out our menu of soil mix options for the lawn, flower or vegetable garden, trees and shrubs and perennial garden to gain a better understanding of your many options.

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