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Lawn Leveling

lawn leveling mowing

Areas of unevenness in your lawn can be both a nuisance and a danger. Mowing across bumpy turf produces unsightly results as some grass remains uncut as the mower dumps up and drops down. Low spots in your lawn tend to leave grass looking scalped.

lawn low spots improvementThen there’s the challenge of trying to mow in a straight line. The result is a lawn that looks like it was mowed with the aid of a blindfold. More important, dips and raised spots in the lawn can also be a safety hazard that can lead to trips and falls.

Regular topsoil is fine for filling in low spots with depths greater than 3″. Adding fine sand to the topsoil creates a silky-smooth soil blend perfect for leveling lawns at depths between ½” and 3″. This topdressing blend spreads easily, holds it depth and contributes to overall lawn improvement. Just keep in mind that filling in low spots with depths greater than the height of your grass – or in areas where you’re dealing with bare spots will have to be over-seeded.

If you’ve ever wondered how grass on golf courses stays so lush, a major reason is that it includes topdressing with sand.

soil for lawnWhere black dirt will dry out, our 50-50 sand and topsoil topdressing or a 50-50 topsoil and peat mix will keep the soil moist and loose. Both sand and peat are great assets because they enhance soil structure and increases root-zone porosity to support deep roots with good infiltration of water and air. The peat gives an extra boost of beneficial microorganisms to the lawn that enhance soil structure.

Other advantages of our topdressing mixes include:

  • better drainage of water and prevention of thatch build-up because of the sand
  • leveling of any uneven areas and filling of bare spots because of the topsoil
  • ability to treat your lawn with your favorite bagged “weed and feed” product once the grass is re-established

The screened, pulverized black dirt (topsoil) in the regular topdressing mix improves the lawn’s nutrient quality without affecting its pH or chemical composition. While the screened, pulverized black dirt (topsoil) along with the peat in the Peat Topdressing Mix improves the lawn’s nutrient quality while slightly lowering the lawn’s overall pH to within the preferred 6.5-7.0 range.

For leveling your lawn, Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply recommends the following mixes:


When you need to level at depths greater than 3″, topsoil is the best choice.

Topdressing Mix (also great for laying sod): 50% topsoil, 50% fine sand.

We recommend using this blend over the Peat Topdressing when you’re leveling depths of more than the height of your existing grass. (2-3″)


Peat Topdressing Mix (also great for over-seeding): 75% topsoil, 25% peat

PRO-SERIES with Peat: 50% Topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% peat, 80# PennMulch

garden soilAlthough peat is good for keeping in moisture and aerating the soil, peat alone is not often used for lawns since its low pH / acidity hinders grass growth and can kill earthworms. This is one reason why we suggest introducing peat into the lawn as a component of a soil blend. Peat plays a pivotal role in maintaining soil balance thanks to its ability to regulate pH levels, retain essential moisture and supply vital nutrients. Its weed-suppressing properties are equally crucial, as it forms a dense topsoil layer that ensures your grass can flourish without having to compete with unwanted intruders. Whether you’re contending with clay-heavy soils or sandy landscapes, peat comes to the rescue by enhancing drainage in the former and facilitating aeration in the latter. In summary, incorporating peat is a wise decision for bolstering the vitality of your grass.

Peat serves as an excellent organic amendment, enriching the topsoil with organic matter as it decomposes further over time. This enrichment fosters a favorable environment for beneficial microorganisms that contribute to soil health. And the Fine Sand further helps reduce soil compaction and assists in water and moisture retention. Click this link to access our Blog Post about the many treasures of Peat.

pro series soil blendsPRO-SERIES Topdressing Mix (also great for over-seeding): 50% topsoil, 50% fine sand, 80 lbs. PennMulch per yard.

PennMulch Seed Accelerator is a pelleted seeding mulch formulated to include starter fertilizer (equivalent of 10-20-5) to support quick grass seed germination to establish new or repaired turf. PennMulch stores moisture – which is critical to successful germination, with the HydrobondTM tackifier. It holds seed in place for consistent establishment. Unlike straw, PennMulch contains no weed seeds and breaks down overtime requiring no raking.

The rule of thumb we use for quantity calculating is 1.5 cubic yards per every 1,000 square feet. So, a 5,000 square foot yard would need about 7.5 cubic yards of Topdressing Mix.

Topdressing lawn with rakeAll of our topdressing products can be applied to the lawn without the need to over-seed. Your lawn will see improvement with any of these topdressing mixes alone due to the many beneficial characterizes of each component of the mix. Just be sure that you don’t spread the mix so that it smoothers the existing grass. A ½” – 1″ layer is fine. Again, if you have areas of your lawn that need 3″ or more of material to get back to level grade, topsoil is still your best bet.

If you’re planning on over-seeding, Tim Wallace Supply carries several quality blends of non-coated grass seed: All Sun; Sun and Shade; Supper Shady Mix; and a Contractor’s Mix. For new lawns apply seed at a rate of about 6 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. For over-seeding existing lawns, use about 3 lbs. per 1,000 square feet.

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A rich, green lawn is a pleasure to look at and walk on, and Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply is here to make that possible for your yard. With the right information, ideas and landscape materials, you really can have the lawn you’ve been wanting. Contact us at (630) 759-1080 to further discuss the ideal soil mix for your lawn – as well as for the garden!

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