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Golf Course Specialty Blends

golf course specialty blend soilThere are fewer places with more perfectly manicured turf than a golf course. Those whose job it is to keep these recreational areas looking green and beautiful are called “Greenskeepers” or “Golf Course Groundskeepers”. Over the past few years, these turf pro’s have reached out to Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply regarding custom blends to address some or all of the turf issues at their facility.  From divot repair and fairway topdressings to perennial and annual planting beds, each has its own special soil requirements.

Rather than simply creating stock blends for this industry, Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply allows each groundskeeper to choose the components from our product line – in the ratio needed, to create a soil blend that meets their need. Below is the list of the available soil mix components that can be used to create a Golf Course Specialty Blend:

  • golf ball courseTopsoil – screened, pulverized black dirt, kept dry
  • Composted Horse Manure – aged and turned regularly
  • Organic Compost – decomposed plant materials
  • Mushroom Compost – straw, horse manure and peat
  • Purple Cow Classic Compost – decomposed plant material finely screened and guaranteed to be weed seed and pathogen free
  • Peat (It’s recommended to not exceed 25% of peat for any blend.)
  • PennMulch® – a pelleted seeding mulch uniquely formulated to include starter fertilizer
  • Fine Sand – helps retain moisture and keep soil loose
  • Coarse Sand – helps control excess moisture and keep soil loose

Specialty Blends for the Golf Course Industry: Contact Us Today

As a Turf Pro, your course has its own specific soil problems and needs. When you search golf course soil near me, look no further than Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply. We can custom blend a soil mix for you using the products and in the ratios required to both meet the need and address the problem. Contact us at (630) 759-1080 to further discuss the ideal soil mix for you and your course.

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