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Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply and Nursery

Over 40 years ago, a young college student, Tim Wallace bought his first small dump truck. He parked it in a vacant lot just behind the family home. The truck, which always held a full load of black dirt, was painted with the word “TOPSOIL” along with a phone number. That was his first “ad campaign”. But it worked well. Locals couldn’t miss seeing the truck and the calls came into the family home. Dirt suppliers would drop off their load in the vacant lot.  Tim paid his brother to hand-shovel the dirt into the truck. Tim would then make deliveries over the weekend. Before long, Tim was able to purchase a large lawn tractor to help load the material into his dump truck. Business continued to grow to include not just topsoil, but stone as well.


After graduation, Tim began to look for property to establish and run his now flourishing business. Eventually, he located a parcel in what is now, the village of Bolingbrook. There he created a landscape yard and nursery. He leased the land for a number of years until the owner decided to sell for development. Tim then purchased a 5 acre parcel just east from where he originally was – and where he currently operates the Soil Mix Supply business. There, Tim quickly expanded his offerings to include: construction gravel, paving brick, decorative stone, natural stone, trees and shrubs, mulch, snow and ice control equipment and landscape equipment. For many years he operated from 2 locations and even shipped snow plows around the world! The name “Tim Wallace” has been associated with quality and service for decades. Today, Tim concentrates solely is on creating quality soil mixes for the lawn, landscape and garden. But his commitment to his customers and to providing quality products at a fair price has not changed since the days of the vacant lot.


Tim Wallace – a name trusted by homeowners and contractors for over 40 years was one of the first landscape suppliers in the nation to offer specialty soil mixes. Our soil mix offerings have grown in number over the years as we are always looking for new ways to meet the demands of today’s savvy gardener. Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply & Nursery specializes in creating high quality soil blends using high quality materials for the lawn and garden. Our service area encompasses most all of the southwest suburbs, delivering quality topsoil, compost and specialty soil blends. When it comes to your lawn or garden be sure you’re getting – “The Best Mix for the Best Result” – Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply.

We have the area’s only on-site soil mixing facility. Each soil mix is taken through our 4-step blending process:

Step One: All required materials are gathered from their enclosed, covered storage bins

Step Two: The materials are then piled atop of each other in our mixing bin, and turned over several times using an end-loader

Step Three: Once blended, the soil mix is mechanically processed in our diesel-powered pulverizer

Step Four: A conveyor belt attached to the pulverizer moves the blended product up where it drops the finished soil mix into the bed of the delivery truck




Click on the photo above to watch the You Tube video with George from Princess Cut Lawn Care as he and Tim discuss our many specialty soil mixes and our unique 4-stage soil mixing process.

Good soil is the foundation from which great lawns and gardens are built.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply blends quality materials giving you the best mix for the best result.

Contact Us for more information

To see our extensive line-up of soil mixes, or for product pickup, please visit us at Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, 1481 W. Boughton Road, Bolingbrook, IL. Our hours are April – October: Monday –  Saturday, 8am-4pm; Sunday 9am-3pm.

Soil sample bins from Twin Wallace Soil Mix Supply

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply and Nursery

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