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Topsoil, Garden Soil Burr Ridge (IL)

flower garden soil

Burr Ridge (IL) has come a long way since its gently rolling hills were carved by glaciers at the end of the last ice age around 12,000 years ago. Most of the village now lies on the Valparaiso Moraine with Flagg Creek, a Des Plaines River tributary, running through.

Incorporated in 1956 and now one of Illinois’ most prosperous areas, Burr Ridge is currently the home of more than 11,000 residents as well as 10 major parks.

The village also represents a range of inspiring architectural styles such as contemporary, split-level and ranch. Whatever your Burr Ridge home’s distinctive features might be, you can achieve and maintain its singular curb appeal with vibrant yard elements that thrive from the proper foundation.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply supports Burr Ridge homeowners with premium soil blends for beautiful and luxuriant gardens, lawns and landscapes.

Burr Ridge (IL) Soil: The Lawn

home lush lawnOne of the first things neighbors and passers-by notice is lush, emerald lawn. As you are growing and caring for your grass, the main things you want to avoid are unevenness and thin grass and bare spots.


Uneven patches are a nuisance as well as a waiting hazard. Mowing over bumpy turf produces unsightly flaws as some grass remains uncut while the mower dumps up and drops down. Low spots further can leave the grass looking scalped, and dips and raised spots can cause dangerous trips and falls.

Standard topsoil (black dirt) is fine for filling in low spots deeper than 3″. If you add fine sand to the topsoil as they do at pro golf courses, you can achieve a silky-smooth soil blend ideal for leveling lawns at depths between ½” and 3″.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply offers Burr Ridge homeowners the correctly blended options for optimal lawn-leveling.

pro series soil blendsTopsoil: Your #1 choice for depths greater than 3″

Topdressing Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% fine sand

PRO-SERIES Topdressing Mix (very popular): Our Topdressing Mix with an extra 40 lbs. of PENNMULCH® per yard

Thin Grass & Bare Spots

mow lawnAdding new grass seed to your Burr Ridge lawn can improve its thickness, health and curb appeal. This five-step approach will contribute to the lawn you have in mind:

  1. Mow the lawn to a height of 1½”.
  2. Water it the evening before you aerate.
  3. Core-aerate your lawn.
  4. Overseed the lawn after aeration.
  5. Topdress the lawn.

Our Topdressing Mix is an excellent medium for germinating grass seed. Just add a starter fertilizer and then water the grass regularly. If you’d like a more organic approach to a gorgeous lawn, try one of our soil blends that include compost.

Our PRO-SERIES Topdressing Mix turbo-charges our Topdressing Mix by adding PENNMULCH, which serves as a water-retention media and a starter fertilizer.

overseeding lawnWhen you’re overseeding, the mushroom compost in our Enriched Topsoil Mix and our Premium Topsoil Mix provides superb topdressing as a desirable alternative to covering the seed with topsoil.

The mushroom compost in the Enriched Topsoil Mix and the PENNMULCH in our PRO-SERIES blends further function as slow-release organic plant fertilizers promoting moisture retention that helps the seeds germinate faster while avoiding wind and birds.

When you’re overseeding your Burr Ridge lawn, choose from the Tim Wallace mix option that’s right for your project:

Flower gardenTim’s Original Garden Mix
50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% organic compost

Topdressing Mix (also a perfect base for laying sod)
50% topsoil, 50% fine sand

PRO-SERIES Topdressing
50% topsoil, 50% fine sand, 40 lbs. PENNMULCH (per cubic yard)

Premium Topsoil Mix
50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% mushroom compost

Burr Ridge (IL) Soil: The Vegetable Garden

Lots of colorful vegetables

A vivid, eye-catching vegetable garden is a highlight of any home in Burr Ridge. Many of our Burr Ridge customers recognize that, which is why so many are creating their own at-home “farm-stand gardens.” Plus, the taste and texture of homegrown produce just can’t be outdone.

A productive, fertile vegetable garden always begins with the right soil for growth. A proper soil mix for your vegetable garden will combine three core assets.

Moisture Control. Organic matter in the soil blend will help provide the moisture that vegetable gardens require. At Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, we also create mixes with the right type of sand (fine or coarse) for the garden you’re growing, as sand will either support greater drainage (e.g. raised garden beds) or assist moisture retention (e.g. in-ground gardens).

soil blendPlanting Media. Good garden soil stems from quality topsoil (black dirt) that is enhanced by the other two assets identified here for a growth-favoring mix.

Organic Compost. Where fertilizer feeds the plants, compost will nourish the soil. Tim Wallace blends contain the right ratios of compost for providing the garden soil with vital nutrients.

Tim’s Original Garden Mix (great for in-the-ground gardens)
50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% organic compost

Premium Garden Mix (also great for in-the-ground gardens)
50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% Purple Cow Classic Organic Compost

Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix
50% topsoil, 50% composted horse manure

soil for raised bed mixRaised Bed Mix (best for an above-ground garden bed)
50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand, 25% organic compost

Premium Raised Bed Mix (infused with Purple Cow Compost)
50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand, 25% Purple Cow Classic Organic Compost

Premium Compost Mix (use only with ample existing topsoil)
50% organic compost, 50% mushroom compost

Mix & Till Soil Amendments (when sufficient topsoil is present)
50% compost, 50% sand

Burr Ridge (IL) Soil: The Landscape Bed (with Trees & Shrubs)

group planting treeWhether accenting your lawn or outlining your home’s perimeter, trees and shrubs placed in a landscape bed will complement any architectural style when grown in the proper soil.

The existing soil in most Burr Ridge planting areas will have lost its nutrients over time. To replace them, the fresh topsoil and compost mixes from Tim Wallace will provide your trees, shrubs or bushes the new boost they’ll welcome. Your plants will also benefit from loose soil for spreading their roots and a good soil structure for water flow and drainage.

Landscape Planting Mix ׀ 50% topsoil, 50% organic compost

Healthy trees, shrubs and bushes need a screened and pulverized high-quality, nutrient-rich topsoil.

Enriched Topsoil Mix ׀ 50% topsoil, 50% mushroom compost

For fruit-bearing trees, shrubs and bushes, the mushroom compost’s blend of composted straw, composted horse manure and peat supplies your plants with more natural phosphorus for greater bloom and fruit development.

Burr Ridge (IL) Soil: Flowers & Perennials

blooming flower gardenA blooming flower garden isn’t achieved just by placing plants in the dirt and waiting for them to sprout. Your choice of garden soil will influence how your flowers develop. In particular, loose and well-drained soil rich in organic material favors most flowering plants.

For planting flowers in containers, an all-purpose potting mix will provide the best conditions for growth while also preventing root rot and damage. For an in- or above-ground garden, you’ll want to work with a specially blended garden soil.

Our Burr Ridge customers have diverse garden soil selections for growing brilliant, colorful flowers and perennial gardens.

Tim’s Original Garden Mix ׀ 50% topsoil, 25% organic compost, 25% fine sand

Compost, topsoil and fine sand together provide balanced bedding for flowers and plants. This garden soil blend includes all your garden needs to flourish.

Purple Cow Organics logoPremium Garden Mix ׀ 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Classic Compost, 25% fine sand

The renowned Purple Cow Classic Compost is a proven, popular way to add beneficial microbes, carbon and balanced nutrients to your flower garden soil.

Plant-based and completely organic, Purple Cow Compost enhances soil structure and porosity for a better plant-root environment. It also helps retain and use nutrients while reducing nutrient loss caused by leaching. The humus in the mix further supports the plant with soil aggregation and nutrient availability.

Perennial Garden Mix ׀ 50% pine bark mulch, 50% organic compost

If perennials aren’t developing as they should, it’s often because they’re planted in the native soil, which doesn’t work. Blending 50% organic compost and 50% aged pine bark mulch creates a robust formula for a lively perennial garden bed.

Burr Ridge (IL) Soil: Custom-Prepared

At Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, our soil blends arrive to you ready for use – no mixing required! We also prepare your distinctive blend at the region’s only onsite soil-mixing facility, where we move your blend through our proprietary four-step process.

load soil truck

1 Gather all required materials from their enclosed, covered storage bins.

2 Pile them in our mixing bin and turn them over several times with an end-loader.

3 Once blended, mechanically process the soil mix in our diesel-powered pulverizer.

4 Run your blended mix on the conveyor belt attached to the pulverizer up to where it drops the finished product into the bed of the truck that will deliver it to you.

Burr Ridge (IL) “Garden Soil & Topsoil Near Me”: Contact Us Today

If you live in Burr Ridge and love having a yard that’s a true extension of your beautiful home, you have access to the right materials, ideas and advice for your garden, lawn and landscape. To find out more about our “topsoil and soil mixes near me” for Burr Ridge, give us a call at (630) 759-1080!

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