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Soil West Chicago (IL)

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West Chicago is a charming city with many picturesque neighborhoods. Vibrant gardens, lawns and landscapes are often central highlights of a community’s inviting streets and homes.

Achieving healthy gardens, lawns and landscapes requires the right applications of the proper materials. Tim Wallace has been a leader of lawn and garden supply to West Chicago for decades. Now operating as Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, we are seeing more West Chicago customers creating their own at-home “farm-stand gardens.”

food starts with good soilThere’s a good reason they’re growing their own food. Those who properly develop their own gardens find out that produce from the store just can’t compare with the texture and taste of what they grow organically on their property.

Beyond reaping the benefits of your own vegetable garden, you know first-hand what the food’s true origin is and what was used in growing it. You also know how long it took to move from harvest to table (a measure of how fresh it really is).

You can enjoy similar satisfaction from your lawn in West Chicago. You also can do so without applying commercial chemical treatments that lack the performance you need while raising safety questions and being expensive.

With Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, you can team up with soil specialists who support you with the ideas, advice and materials for successful projects that inspire what is possible. You really can know what you’re putting into your lawn and garden and why.

West Chicago (IL): Picking the Proper Soil

proper soilIn order to flourish, a lawn, landscape or garden in West Chicago must have the right soil. For many of us at the start, we might think that simply planting seeds into topsoil will get the growing started. We’ll likely then wonder what’s taking so long. Different applications call for different soil properties – gardens, lawns and landscape won’t grow without them.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply provides you with access to the materials with the carefully formulated properties for achieving success in the yard. We also deliver your custom soil blends right to you ready to use!

We mix the correct components and ratios of your blend through our four-step process that we perform onsite in soil-mixing facility, the only one of its kind in the area.


collect the needed materials from their covered and enclosed bins

pile them in our mixing bin and turn them with an end-loader

mechanically process the mix in our diesel-powered pulverizer

convey your finished soil mix on the pulverizer’s belt up to where it drops into the bed of the truck that will bring it to your West Chicago home

Each soil blend we supply for you also embodies the three core components of a mix made for growth:

garden soil mixprimary planting media – plenty of quality topsoil (black dirt)

moisture control – lots of organic matter for storing sufficient moisture for the roots

organic fertilizer – robust organic material such as compost for ensuring vital nutrients that contribute to good soil health

Most Popular Soil Mixes for West Chicago (IL)


The soil specialists at Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply create diverse garden blends prepared to perfect your lawn or farm-stand garden with the right ratios of premium materials. The following are among our West Chicago customers’ favorites!

Tim’s Original Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% organic compost, 25% fine sand

Mixing compost with topsoil and fine sand provides balanced bedding for vegetables. This soil mix gives your garden its complete assets for growth: topsoil for a healthy home for roots with plenty of water, compost for a nutrient boost and sand for soil porosity and water retention. You can even use this blend as a lawn topdressing!

Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% composted horse manure

vegetable garden soil mixTopsoil contributes to plant life by remaining nutrient-dense. Farmers favor horse manure for gardens as well, because composting it charges up the compost pile while increasing soil fertility, regeneration and high-quality yields. The composted horse manure at Tim Wallace is aged and turned regularly to achieve a notably subtle character.

The nitrogen-rich horse manure also benefits non-flowering plants such as garden vegetables. The composted horse manure has its own water-retention quality as well, meaning our Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix requires no sand.

Premium Compost Mix: 50% mushroom compost, 50% organic compost

Over time, garden soil will lose crucial nutrients. Without them, plant growth, production and health will be affected. You can maintain fertile soil that’s high in organic components by re-applying compost every two or three years.

Our Premium Compost Mix is a robust blend of two organics that will rejuvenate and energize your garden. Because it has no topsoil, the blend should be added only to existing gardens with sufficient black dirt. Some of our West Chicago customers even use the Premium Compost Mix in their landscape beds with great success.

If you lay mulch around shrubs and plants, it will eventually deprive underlying soil of nitrogen. You can address this by adding a 1″ layer of the Premium Compost Mix before you spread your mulch. Doing so will help naturally fertilize plants, trees and shrubs.

Enhance with Purple Cow Classic Compost

purple cow organicsNationally known and trusted Purple Cow Classic Compost is a proven way to add beneficial microbes, carbon and balanced nutrients to your vegetable garden soil.

As a 100% organic and plant-based component, Purple Cow improves soil structure and porosity in creating a better plant-root environment. It also reinforces nutrient retention and use while lessening nutrient loss caused by leaching. The inclusion of humus further assists with soil aggregation and nutrient availability for the plant.

Because even the best compost can dry out quickly, mixing it with topsoil and sand will provide balanced media for lawns and bedding for flowers and vegetable plants. Tim Wallace premium soil mixtures include three top gardening assets:

  1. Topsoil for a home that gives roots plenty of water
  2. Purple Cow Compost for a boost of needed nutrients
  3. Sand for water control and porous soil

West Chicago (IL) Premium Garden Soil Mixes

Our garden soil mixes save both time and effort as everything your garden needs – high-quality black dirt, sand, naturally fertilized soil – is a prepared blend ready for spreading into your West Chicago garden.

Premium Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Compost, 25% fine sand (superb for in-ground gardens and as a lawn topdressing)

Premium Raised Bed Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Compost, 25% coarse sand (ideal for above-ground garden beds)

Success Through Soil for West Chicago (IL) Lawns & Gardens: Let’s Talk!

When your garden, lawn and landscape are thriving with the right advice and the proper materials, you can enjoy tasty, organic food; healthier plants and shrubs; and lush, green grass that’s a pleasure to look at and walk on.

Tim Wallace was one of the country’s first landscape suppliers to offer specialty soil mixes. We’ve continued increasing our range of prepared and custom blends as we continue seeking new ways to meet the demands of today’s discerning gardener. Discover more about the right “garden soil near me” for West Chicago – contact us at (630) 759-1080!

West Chicago (IL): Did You Know?

The area’s most notable early settler was Erastus Gary, of Pomfret, Connecticut, who in the 1830s homesteaded 760 acres on the banks of the DuPage River, just south of West Chicago’s present-day city limits. Gary was the father of “Judge” Elbert Henry Gary, for whom Gary, Indiana, is named. Elbert was also the first CEO of America’s first billion-dollar corporation, U.S. Steel.

Along the way, names of the city have been Junction (1855) and Turner (1857), after John B. Turner, president of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad (G&CU). The city was initially established around the first junction of railroad lines in Illinois. Today, it is still served by the Union Pacific/West Metra service through the station on Main Street. (Source:

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