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Soil: St. Charles (IL) Gardens & Lawns

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Here at Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, we notice more St. Charles (IL) homeowners are creating their own “farm-stand gardens” at home. We also understand why: A grocery-store tomato can’t compare with the texture and taste of a tomato from your own garden.

When you grow your own food, you know its true origin, cultivation process and length of time from harvest to table. The results or growing your own produce is worth the time and effort.

The same is true when your aim is a lush, green, healthy lawn. The chemical treatments available at garden-supply and home-improvement stores can often fall short of your desired results – in addition to being expensive. They can raise safety questions as well. Are they a threat to children and pets, as well as the yard and the environment?

If you’ve tried different fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, you might wonder why your lawn doesn’t look like the one in the brochure or commercial.

The good news is you can know what you’re putting onto your lawn, why it’s being used and how it’s being applied. Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply supports you with the ideas, advice and materials for the vibrant look and health you desire for your St. Charles home’s garden, lawn and landscape.

St. Charles (IL) Gardens & Lawns: It’s the Soil

soil blendThe results you want start with the soil you select. When you’re ready to achieve what you envision, our soil mixes are prepared to roll forth right along with you. They’re already mixed and ready for use upon arrival.

In preparing your soil, Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply moves your chosen blend through our four-step process here at the area’s only onsite soil-mixing facility:

Gather the required materials from their enclosed, covered storage bins

Pile the materials in our mixing bin and turn them over multiple times with an end-loader

After blending, mechanically process the soil mix in our diesel-powered pulverizer

Convey the finished product to the truck bed that will deliver it to you in St. Charles

Garden Soil St. Charles (IL): Core Elements

flowers garden plantA soil blend perfectly tailored to your St. Charles garden will have three characteristics.

1) Primary planting media – plenty of quality topsoil (black dirt). Note that topsoil alone isn’t enough for the garden to thrive.

2) Moisture control – plenty of organic material for retaining the proper amount of moisture.

3) Organic fertilizer – correct proportions of vigorous organic material such as compost for the results you desire. When included in the right amounts, compost adds vital nutrients to the garden soil mix for good soil health.

Soil St. Charles (IL): Customer Top Choices

We created the following garden soil blends with the ideal ratio of premium materials for perfecting the lawn or farm-stand garden you’re planning. Our St. Charles customers purchase them often!

Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% composted horse manure

Consistently nutrient-dense, topsoil helps sustain plant life. Farmers also prefer including horse manure because composting it revs up the compost pile while increasing soil fertility, regeneration and high-quality yields. Our composted horse manure is aged and turned regularly to establish a distinctively subtle character.

While not high in phosphorous and potassium, horse manure is nitrogen-rich, which benefits non-flowering plants such as garden vegetables. Because the composted horse manure has its own water-retention quality, our Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix also requires no sand.

Tim’s Original Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% organic compost, 25% fine sand

All composts can dry out quickly, so mixing compost with topsoil and fine sand will provide balanced bedding for vegetables. This Tim Wallace soil mix gives your garden the best of all worlds, as topsoil offers a healthy home for roots with plenty of water, compost provides a nutrient boost and sand supports soil porosity and water retention. You can also use this blend as a topdressing for your lawn in St. Charles!

Raised Bed Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand, 25% organic compost

garden vegetable soil mixAccording to Gardening magazine’s trial of the best soil mix for raised beds, a blend of 50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand and 25% compost is best. The study determined that though the mix was heavy to put in the bed, it didn’t settle much and was simple to dig. Weeding by hand also was easy, soil fertility was good and the bed yields were high.

The mix’s coarse sand is desirable for giving a dense soil such as clay more porosity. Flowers, tomatoes and root vegetables such as beets and radishes are all examples of plants that can thrive in soil with coarse sand.

Organic compost – a by-product of recycled organic materials such as leaves, vegetable scraps and small twigs – turns into a rich soil amendment known as “Black Gold.” It is the perfect compost amendment for your raised garden bed.

The mix’s topsoil also contains its own lush fusion of nutrients needed for healthy plants. Our Raised Bed Mix is by far one of our most popular garden soil blends.

Premium Compost Mix: 50% mushroom compost, 50% organic compost

Garden soil will shed vital nutrients over time. When that occurs, plant growth, production and health will be affected. To maintain soil that’s fertile and high in organic components, compost should be re-applied every two or three years.

Our Premium Compost Mix blends two organics that will rejuvenate and energize your St. Charles garden. Because this mix has no topsoil, it should be added only to existing gardens that have enough black dirt. Some of our St. Charles customers have used this blend in their landscape beds with great success as well.

In addition, because many mulches used around plants and shrubs will eventually deprive underlying soil of nitrogen, adding a 1″ layer of the Premium Compost Mix before you spread your mulch can help naturally fertilize plants, trees and shrubs.

Purple Cow

purple cow organicsPurple Cow Classic Compost is a proven, time-tested way to add beneficial microbes, carbon and balanced nutrients to your soil for your St. Charles vegetable garden.

A fully plant-based and organic component, the nationally recognized Purple Cow Compost improves soil structure and porosity, which is excellent for plant roots. It also enhances nutrient retention and use while reducing nutrient loss from leaching. Purple Cow includes humus for soil aggregation and nutrient availability for the plant as well.

Because even the best compost can dry out quickly, mixing it with topsoil and sand will provide the balanced media needed for lawns and the right bedding for flowers and vegetable plants. Our premium soil mixtures provide three top benefits for your garden:

1) Topsoil for roots with plenty of water

2) Purple Cow Compost for nutrient boosts

3) Sand for soil porosity and water control

Premium garden soil mixes from Tim Wallace further save effort and time, as all your garden requires is ready in a prepared blend for spreading.

plant garden soil mixPremium Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Compost, 25% fine sand
In-ground gardens, lawn topdressing

Premium Raised Bed Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Compost, 25% coarse sand
Garden beds raised above the ground

Soil Near Me St. Charles (IL): Contact Us Today

A rich and colorful garden and yard in St. Charles rewards you with delicious fresh food; healthier plants and shrubs; and green grass you want to walk on with bare feet. It’s also a beautiful scene.

Tim Wallace was one of the nation’s first landscape suppliers to offer specialty soil mixes. We’ve expanded our soil-mix offerings through the years as we continue seeking new ways to meet the demands of today’s ambitious St. Charles gardener. To further discuss the right “garden soil near me,” contact us at (630) 759-1080!

St. Charles (IL): Quick History

The site that would become St. Charles was claimed by Evan Shelby in 1833. In 1834, Shelby, Ira Minard and Read Ferson founded the town and named it Charleston after a town in Mr. Ferson’s home state of Vermont. The town name was changed to St. Charles in 1839 because a town named Charleston already existed in downstate Illinois. St. Charles was re-incorporated in 1874 under the 1870 Illinois Constitution. (Source)

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