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Oswego (IL) Soil

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Soil for Gardening & Lawncare in Oswego (IL)

A day in the yard in Oswego can be even more special when you have a lush, green lawn dotted with vibrant flower and vegetable gardens. A few healthy, well-placed trees, shrubs and bushes can add to the enjoyment as well.

The key to a beautiful Oswego landscape is having the proper soil for each application. Illinois has good base soil, but it alone is not enough to sustain proper growth.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply serves Oswego homeowners with the right soil and information for the results you desire. We can discuss your project with you and guide you to the correct lawn and garden materials according to your project’s variables.

When you’re about to start a lawn or garden project in Oswego and you’re searching online for gardening soil or “topsoil near me,” save a step and call us for the right product for pick-up or delivery!

Black Dirt and Compost for Oswego (IL) Gardens & Lawncare

We pulverize and store our topsoil (black dirt) at our facilities in Bolingbrook. We also keep it dry and ready for your application. In addition, if you’re working on a flower or vegetable garden, adding compost provides organic matter and nutrients that help to break up soil structure, making the compost an excellent garden amendment.

Our compost selections for Oswego gardens and lawns include:

  • Organic Compost: a by-product of recycled organic material such as leaves, vegetable scraps and small twigs that become a rich amendment known as “Black Gold”
  • Organic Mushroom Compost: composted straw, horse manure and peat
  • Purple Cow Compost: 100% plant-based product for soil aggregation that makes nutrients more available for the plant

For an Oswego vegetable garden that requires fertilizing manure, our Composted Horse Manure is aged and turned regularly for supporting ideal results.

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Specialty Blends for Oswego (IL) Lawncare and Flower & Vegetable Gardens

Some lawn and garden applications call for a specialty soil blend. We can help you determine which one is best for your project. After you place an order, we screen, pulverize and combine your specialty soil mix at our Bolingbrook supply yard.

In addition to a custom soil mix we create just for you, you can choose from one of several different Tim Wallace mixes for achieving your goals. Our lawncare and gardening soil specialists recommend the following for projects in Oswego.


  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix
  • Topdressing Mix
  • Mushroom Compost (as a topdressing)
  • Lawn Repair Mix
  • Premium Topsoil Mix
  • Enriched Topsoil Mix

Vegetable Gardens

  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix
  • Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix
  • Raised Bed Mix (for an above-ground garden bed)
  • Premium Garden Mix
  • Premium Compost Mix (if you already have plenty of good black dirt)

fluffy green grass

Flower & Perennial Gardens

  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix, Perennial Garden Mix

Trees & Shrubs

  • Landscape Planting Mix

Fresh garden vegetables

Our Tim Wallace mixes for Oswego lawn and garden care are blended to the right ratios for optimal growth.

  • Tim’s Original Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% organic compost
  • Enriched Topsoil Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% organic mushroom compost
  • Landscape Planting Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% organic compost
  • Lawn Repair Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% Purple Cow Compost
  • Topdressing Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% fine sand
  • Raised Bed Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% course sand, 25% organic compost
  • Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 50% composted horse manure
  • Perennial Garden Mix: 50% pine bark fines, 50% organic compost
  • Premium Compost Mix: 50% mushroom compost, 50% organic compost
  • Premium Garden Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Compost, 25% fine sand
  • Premium Topsoil Mix: 50% topsoil, 25% mushroom compost, 25% fine sand

Deciding on Quantity for Pick-Up or Delivery

The next step after ordering your soil is deciding how you will receive it.

If you have a truck or trailer for picking up your material, remember that one cubic yard of topsoil (27 cubic feet) weighs about one ton (2,000 pounds). Your truck or trailer should be able to handle the total load you will transport back to Oswego.

For proper tractor loading, the trailer or vehicle also should not have a cap or a rack. (Please note that Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply is not responsible for any vehicle damage during loading or unloading.)

If you wish for us to deliver your black dirt, gardening soil or specialty soil mix, we’ll be glad to! We can bring from 2 to 12 cubic yards straight to your Oswego driveway. You can call us in the morning for same-day delivery too.

Oswego (IL): Secure the Right Soil Today

Oswego really is a great community with a lot of hometown charm including beautiful landscapes and lawns. We consider it a privilege to help you add your own special touch to your neighborhood with a garden and lawn that is healthy from the bottom up.

To find out more about our soil for lawns, trees and flower and vegetable gardens, call us at (630) 759-1080. You are also welcome to stop by our supply yard at 1481 W. Boughton Road in Bolingbrook to see or pick up soil mix samples!

Oswego (IL) Fun Fact
The largest municipality in Kendall County, Oswego was originally owned by the local Potowatomi, Ottawa and Chippewa tribes. In 1842, after acquiring the land, the federal government placed it for sale for $1.25 an acre. After the sale of the land, Lewis Brinsmaid Judson and Levi F. Arnold from New York laid out the village and named it Hudson. However, when a post office was established, its location was given as Lodi. Confusion over the area’s official name led to a January 1837 decision in which the citizens gathered and voted Oswego as the permanent name of the village by a single vote. (

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