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Lawn & Garden Soil Near Me: Winfield (IL)

lawn and garden soil winfield

As with beauty, curb appeal in Winfield (IL) is often in the eye of the beholder.

Many Winfield homes can be described by their architectural style – e.g. Cape Cod, Craftsman, Contemporary, Cottage and Colonial. Each has its own distinct features.

For example, a white picket fence can nicely complement a Cottage-style home but contrast with a Contemporary home. Similarly, tall spruce trees fit well with Craftsman-style homes but can be a mismatch with a Cape Cod.

Whatever style of home you’re looking to accent in Winfield, you can enhance and maintain your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden and landscape beds with premium soil mixes from Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply.

Winfield (IL) Garden Soil: Flowers & Perennial Gardens

flowers garden plantFlowers and perennials can swiftly improve the curb appeal of any style of home. However, creating a healthy, flourishing flower garden isn’t as simple as dropping plants into the dirt and watching them blossom.

Having the right kind of garden soil for your flowers matters to their health, growth and bloom development. Most flowering plants tend to do best in loose and well-drained soil with plenty of organic material.

When you’re planting your flowers in containers, choose an all-purpose potting mix to allow for optimal growing conditions and prevent root rot and damage. When you’re planting into an in- or above-ground garden, select a specifically blended garden soil.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply offers Winfield homeowners several options for flowers and perennial gardens.

Tim’s Original Garden Mix

50% topsoil, 25% organic compost, 25% fine sand

Even the best compost can dry out quickly, so mixing it with topsoil (black dirt) and fine sand is a great way to provide balanced bedding for flowers and plants. This soil mix gives you the best of all worlds since topsoil offers a healthy home for roots with plenty of water, compost provides a nutrient boost and sand helps with soil porosity and water retention.

Premium Garden Mix

50% topsoil, 25% Purple Cow Classic Compost, 25% fine sand

purple cow organicsNationally known and trusted Purple Cow Classic Compost is a proven, time-tested way to add beneficial microbes, carbon and balanced nutrients to your flower garden soil. A 100% plant-based and organic component, the Purple Cow Compost improves soil structure and porosity in creating a better plant-root environment. It also reinforces nutrient retention and use while reducing nutrient loss caused by leaching. Purple Cow includes humus to assist in soil aggregation and nutrient availability for the plant as well.

All of our garden mixes save you both time and effort as everything your flowers need – a prepared blend of high-quality topsoil (black dirt), fine sand and naturally fertilized soil – is ready to be spread into your Winfield flower garden.

Perennial Garden Mix

50% pine bark mulch, 50% organic compost

perennial garden mixPerennials are garden plants that return each spring after going dormant in winter (e.g. hostas, coneflowers, daylilies, peonies, salvia). You plant them once and then enjoy them for years. Healthy, happy perennials will grow vigorously and multiply, creating new plants for you to expand your own garden or to share with family and friends.

Sometimes, your perennials might not produce as many flowers or they just won’t grow as well as they should. This typically happens when perennials are planted straight into the native soil, which often leads to disappointing results.

A blend of 50% organic compost and 50% aged pine bark mulch offers a great formula for a lively and productive perennial garden bed. The compost provides the soil with vital nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This helps your plants grow, bloom and thrive. The compost should slightly raise the soil pH for the growing season as well. Plus, the material helps retain soil moisture and even prevents diseases.

The Perennial Garden Mix’s finely ground pine bark further serves as a soil conditioner because it too helps the soil hold moisture. It also creates “pore space” through which oxygen and nutrients can filter in the soil.

Winfield (IL) Soil: Landscape Beds with Trees & Shrubs

Whether spaced on the lawn or outlining the home’s perimeter, trees and shrubs placed in a landscape bed are a universal complement to any style of Winfield home. Whether new or existing, landscape beds will benefit from the right soil.

landscape beds with trees and shrubsWhen you’re planting newly purchased trees, shrubs and bushes, they will be under stress, something referred to as “transplant shock.” You can help alleviate transplant shock by supplying extra water and nutrients into the planting hole or bedding area.

Your planting area’s existing soil has probably lost many nutrients over the years. Adding fresh topsoil and compost mixes from Tim Wallace gives your trees, shrubs or bushes the nutrient boost they’re looking to find. It also provides loose soil for comfortably spreading their roots and a good soil structure for facilitating water flow and drainage.

Landscape Planting Mix

50% topsoil, 50% organic compost

The soil’s top layer above the bedrock, topsoil is the most nutrient-rich portion of naturally occurring soil. Growing healthy trees, shrubs and bushes requires a good-quality topsoil that is screened and pulverized.

Topsoil contains organic matter but not as much as your plants will need to reach their full potential. Our Landscape Planting Mix’s 50-50 blend of topsoil and composted plant materials provides a perfect balance of topsoil and organic matter for growing trees, shrubs and bushes.

Enriched Topsoil Mix

50% topsoil, 50% mushroom compost

If you’re looking to increase the immediately available phosphorus for your fruit-bearing trees, shrubs and bushes, this is your mix. The mushroom compost’s blend of composted straw, composted horse manure and peat provides your plants with more available natural phosphorus that reaches down to the roots to promote bloom and fruit development.

Winfield (IL) Soil: Vegetable Gardens

soil for vegetable gardensA vegetable garden complements any style of home (as well as the kitchen table). More Winfield homeowners are recognizing this, which is why they’re creating their own at-home “farm-stand gardens.” They understand the taste and texture of a grocery-store tomato cannot compare with what they can produce and enjoy with their own garden.

When you grow and harvest your own food in Winfield, you know where it came from, how it’s been grown and how long it’s been from harvest to table. Cultivating your own produce is worth the time and effort, and the best results begin with the best garden soil.

A quality soil blend for your vegetable garden should control moisture, provide a proper planting media and include a healthy organic amendment.

garden soil mixMoisture. Vegetable gardens need a lot of moisture, and a good soil mix with plenty of organic matter holds more of it. At the same time, too much moisture can develop problems such as soggy soil and root rot. So can the wrong kind of sand, as sand either holds or sheds moisture depending on the type in the blend.

Coarse sand better supports water drainage in raised garden beds, which can tend to hold water and turn soggy, leading to root rot. Because it helps retain soil moisture, fine sand is preferred for lawns and in-ground gardens. Adding sand to the soil mix also helps produce a smooth blend that’s easy to work with.

Note that a garden soil mix with composted horse manure – a natural moisture retainer – is best used without adding sand.

Planting media. Although it may be obvious, quality garden soil proceeds from quality topsoil (black dirt). However, when used alone, even a great topsoil will fall short of what’s required for the garden to thrive.

Shoveling compostOrganic compost. Amending your topsoil with vibrant natural compost favors the results you desire. Where fertilizer feeds the plants, compost feeds the soil. Adding the right amount of compost supplies important nutrients for soil health; adding too much can hurt plants and burn tender roots. Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply carefully prepares the optimal ratios of compost with your best results in mind.

Tim’s Original Garden Mix (great for in-the-ground gardens)
50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% organic compost

Premium Garden Mix (also great for in-the-ground gardens)
50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% Purple Cow Classic Organic Compost

Enriched Vegetable Garden Mix
50% topsoil, 50% composted horse manure

Raised Bed Mix (best option for an above-ground garden bed)
50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand, 25% organic compost

Premium Raised Bed Mix (super-charged with Purple Cow Compost)
50% topsoil, 25% coarse sand, 25% Purple Cow Classic Organic Compost

Premium Compost Mix (use only with a sufficient amount of existing topsoil)
50% organic compost, 50% mushroom compost

Mix & Till Soil Amendments (when sufficient topsoil is present)
50% compost, 50% sand

Winfield (IL): Soil for the Lawn

soil for lawn

Just about any Winfield home can raise its curb appeal with a lush, green lawn. Common detractors from that appeal are a lawn’s unevenness and thin grass and bare spots.


Areas of unevenness in your lawn can be both a nuisance and a danger. Mowing across bumpy turf produces unsightly results as some grass remains uncut while the mower dumps up and drops down. Low spots in your lawn tend to leave grass looking scalped.

Then there’s the challenge of trying to mow in a straight line. You’ve probably seen a lawn that looks like it was mowed with the aid of a blindfold. More important, dips and raised spots in the lawn can be a safety hazard that can lead to trips and falls.

Regular topsoil is fine for filling in low spots with depths greater than 3″. If you add fine sand to the topsoil as golf-course turf pros do, you can achieve a silky-smooth soil blend perfect for leveling lawns at depths between ½” and 3″. This topdressing blend spreads easily, holds its depth and contributes to overall lawn improvement.

Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply offers you several lawn-leveling options.

Topsoil: The best option for leveling your lawn at depths greater than 3″

Topdressing Mix (also a perfect base for laying sod or overseeding): 50% topsoil, 50% fine sand

PRO-SERIES Topdressing Mix: Our popular Topdressing Mix with an extra 40 lbs. of PENNMULCH® per yard

Thin Grass & Bare Spots

Bare spots in lawnAdding new grass seed to an existing lawn is a great way to improve the lawn’s health, thickness and overall curb appeal. However, sowing seed directly onto a lawn with hard soil and even a small layer of thatch is guaranteed to produce very poor results.

For the lawn you really want to achieve, we recommend a five-step approach:

  1. Mow the lawn to a height of 1½”.
  2. Water it the evening before you aerate.
  3. Core-aerate your lawn.
  4. Once aeration is done, overseed.
  5. Topdress your lawn.

Our Topdressing Mix is an ideal medium for germinating grass seed. Simply add a starter fertilizer and water the lawn regularly. If you’d like to take a more organic approach to a lush, green lawn, try one of our soil blends that incorporate compost.

Our PRO-SERIES Topdressing Mix super-charges our Topdressing Mix with the inclusion of PENNMULCH, which adds both a water-retention media and starter fertilizer.

When you are overseeding your lawn, the mushroom compost in our Enriched Topsoil Mix and our Premium Topsoil Mix provides superb topdressing as opposed to simply covering the seed with topsoil.

Acting as a type of slow-release organic plant fertilizer, the mushroom compost in the Enriched Topsoil Mix and the PENNMULCH in our PRO-SERIES blends help hold moisture against the seeds so they can germinate faster while preventing eating by birds and scattering by wind.

At Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, we offer several lawn mix options for overseeding:

pro series soil blendsTim’s Original Garden Mix50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% organic compost

Topdressing Mix (also a perfect base for laying sod)
50% topsoil, 50% fine sand

PRO-SERIES Topdressing50% topsoil, 50% fine sand, 40 lbs. PENNMULCH (per cubic yard)

Premium Topsoil Mix50% topsoil, 25% fine sand, 25% mushroom compost

Soil for Winfield (IL): Custom Preparation

Achieving what you most desire for your Winfield garden, lawn or landscape bed really does begin with choosing the right soil. At Tim Wallace Soil Mix Supply, our soil blends arrive to you ready for use – no mixing required!

We also prepare your distinctive blend at the region’s only onsite soil-mixing facility, where we move your blend through our proprietary four-step process.

load soil truck

Step One: Gather all required materials from their enclosed, covered storage bins.

Step Two: Pile them atop one another in our mixing bin and then turn them over several times with an end-loader.

Step Three: Once blended, mechanically process the soil mix in our diesel-powered pulverizer.

Step Four: Run your blended mix on the conveyor belt attached to the pulverizer up to where it drops the finished product into the bed of the truck that will deliver it to you.

Soil Supply for Winfield (IL): Contact Us Today

Your home is your beautiful refuge and the parcel you can perfect as much as your heart desires. With the right information and materials, you can achieve what you imagine. To find out more about “premium topsoil and soil mixes near me” for your Winfield garden, lawn and landscape, give us a call at (630) 759-1080!

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